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A key solution for Small Group and Individual Underwriting  


The web-based Medical Underwriting Guidelines (WebMUGs) can greatly enhance the efficiency and consistency of underwriters using the Milliman Small Group and/or Individual Medical Underwriting Guidelines (MUGs). WebMUGs is a full-featured underwriting application built on an instantly-searchable electronic MUG manual that frees your underwriters from flipping through paper manuals.

The WebMUGs are a web-based version of the Milliman electronic AutoMUGs software offering enhanced and additional features. The AutoMUGs PC-based version is still available for those not looking for a web-based solution.

Benefits of WebMUGs
o Improve effectiveness of medical underwriting (and lower your loss ratio)
o Reduce quote turn-around time (and improve your close ratio)
o Allow underwriters to focus on underwriting (instead of paper shuffling)
o Increase efficiency and maximize underwriting sophistication by simplifying condition and rating look-ups
o Improve management insight into underwriting activity
o Implement client-defined, role-based security
o Web-based system is significantly easier to administer
o Easily export data from the user interface
o Web service interfaces for system integration

Underwriting Features
o Debits assigned to members based on:
  · Health conditions
  · Prescription use
  · Physical build
  · Tobacco use
o Sophisticated searching of conditions and ratings
o Rating impact of excluding certain conditions and/or members
o Compliance requirements for documentation of underwriting decisions satisfied by maintaining electronic records of each group/application
o Reports including:
  · Most frequent conditions for a selected time period
  · Average debit points assigned by group and by group size (Small Group version) or family member and family combined (Individual version)
  · Points assigned for height/weight (physical build) versus health conditions
  · Health condition detail by member for a selected group/application

For more information about subscribing to the Milliman-hosted WebMUGs secure website or licensing the software for your Intranet, contact us via e-mail at

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